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We now offer series of classes for novice and intermediate boaters, designed to equip you with the fundamental skills and knowledge prerequisite to safe river running. This is not a guide school, but we’ll definitely enhance the quality of your time on the water by taking the mystery out of what others make seem so easy. Instructors for this course average well over 20 years of boating experience.

Beginner Series

Designed for the novice boater, this course will get you off the mouse, out of the house, and on the way to the river.
When we’re through with you, you’ll have the data base and skill sets essential for the navigation of class II and easy class III rivers.

Intermediate Series

Intended for the person who has been with a buddy a number of times and wants to polish his skill sets enough to get into the sport on his own.
Or the person who has already invested in his own gear and wants to take some of the mystery out of what others seem to make so easy.
In either case, we offer the more refined tips and techniques that lead to a higher fun factor and greater fulfillment from your time on the water.
At the conclusion of this series, you should be confident in solid class III water, and pushing into Class IV sections.


Boat Selection: Pro’s and Con’s of varied water craft, their anatomy and sources.
Rigging Your Boat: What goes where & how to keep it there.
River Safety/Rescue/Communication: Fundamentals of these essential topics, including SELF-Rescue.
River Features/Obstacles: Recognition/Identification of the myriad of obstacles in your path and how to avoid them and what to do once you’ve
    neglected to do so.
Reading the Water: Where to go and how to let the river do the work for you!

On the final weekend, both classes will join together for an overnight trip on the Payette! 
Once you’ve figured out how to fit the entire camp in your boat, we’ll talk     about how to manage what has just become a really heavy load!
There will also be a lot of emphasis on audience participation, including Dutch Oven Cooking and Campfire Lies (Conceptualization and delivery!).
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“Asked to make a reservation for a full day trip down the canyon one day in advance for three guests. The lady who seems to run the front office managed to fit us in; she was excellent to work with, both over the phone and in person. The float itself was great. The guides were professional, kept safety as a priority and had fun personalities that added to our overall impression of the trip. Strongly recommend this company for anyone seeking an adventure that feels unique to you and not a highly polished "tourist" experience.”

Kayla Schmid

“We had a great experience on the half day "Staircase" trip. Ryan was a terrific guide as was Noah in the second boat. Lots of humor, fun and thrills, while professional and safety first. My husband and I were impressed. We'd love to come back and do the full day Canyon trip. Thanks!”

Ann Schutt

“We had 29 members of our family take a trip with IWU down the Cabarton stretch as one of the activities for our family reunion. There were people from 10 years old to 76 and everyone had a great time and couldn't wait to tell those who didn't go what they missed. They mentioned that they can't wait for the reunion to be in Idaho again. It was definitely the highlight of the weekend. Highly recommend IWU!!”

Randy Rouse

“Booked a half day trip on the Main three days in advance over the phone. We arrived to our appointment 25 minutes late (not recommended) but they still let us float. The staff were all very pleasant and family-oriented. Shane was a great raft guide and made sure we were having enough fun on the trip. Would definitely raft with this company again!"

Heidy Guevara

“Absolutely awesome trip. Ryan was a great guide. Exciting yet never felt unsafe. Everything on the river was well worth it. We are going to do a full day trip next time.”

James McArdle